These training modules are for people with a lived experience of mental ill-health and their families and carers. 

Available courses

Advocacy Skills Videos & Tip Sheets

These five advocacy skills videos and tip sheets provide consumers, families and carers with the skills to advocate for individual and organisational changes in mental health.

Topics covered include:

Looking after yourself

Briefing and debriefing

Keeping the enthusiasm going

Reflection and evaluation

Advocacy and the organisation

Advocacy Skill Builder Webinars

This free webinar series has been created specifically for Consumers and Carers who want to take the next step into advocacy.

Each webinar has a subject matter expert as a guest speaker, as well as our own lived experience facilitator, to help you further develop the skills that are beneficial as an advocate.  

If you are looking to contribute to improvements to mental health services, these webinars will cover these 6 key topics:

Advocacy Top Tips

Looking after yourself

How to be heard

Briefing & debriefing

Keeping the enthusiasm going

Self reflection/self evaluation

Our Connection Webinar Series

This series of recorded webinars aims to support connection during COVID-19 and beyond and is presented by consumers and carers with a lived experience. Lived Experience Australia wants to promote and facilitate connectedness for the mental
health lived experience community especially during these uncertain times. We understand how important and essential a sense of connection with others is to our wellbeing.